Data Protocols


All of the pegasus complex types may be serialized using:

val fortune = Fortune(message = "Today is your lucky day!")
val json = DataTemplates.writeDataMap( // or writeDataList

And deserialized using:

val dataMap = DataTemplates.readDataMap(json) // or readDataList
val fortune = Fortune(dataMap, DataConversion.SetReadOnly) // or DataConversion.DeepCopy

As with all data protocols, JSON is available via a “codec”:

  • JacksonDataCodec - The primary JSON encoding used by Pegasus.

Binary Protocols

  • PsonDataCodec - Non-standard “performance” optimized JSON-like codec.
  • BsonDataCodec - The bson binary encoding for JSON-like data.

Avro Translators

Avro compatibility is provided using “translators” of Avro data:

  • AvroGenericToDataTranslator
  • DataMapToGenericRecordTranslator

and Avro schemas:

  • SchemaTranslator - Translates Avro Schema to and from Pegasus DataSchema.

Inline String Protocol

InlineStringCodec is a URL “Friendly” string encoding of data that can be used to encode complex types (sucha as records) as URL query params or path parts. It is also used by Courier to encode complex types as JSON object map keys.

Example codec use:

val codec = new InlineStringCodec()

// deserialize
val dataMap = codec.bytesToMap("(key~value)".getBytes(Charset.forName("UTF-8"))

// serialize
val string = new String(codec.mapToBytes(dataMap, Charset.forName("UTF-8")))

All codecs also support input and output streams, e.g.:

val codec = PsonDataCodec()

// deserialize
val dataMap = codec.readMap(inputStream)

// serialize
codec.writeMap(dataMap, outputStream)

Custom Protocols

To add a protocol of your own to Courier, simply implement the DataCodec.